A Pox on False Choices!

I’ve always taken my Lord seriously when he said to worship God with everything I’ve got, including my mind.  It follows, then, to loathe everything that clouds clear thinking about God or anything else for that matter.  Logical fallacies abound but should be avoided by those seeking to honour the One who is himself the Logos (read:  Logic) of the universe.  We should avoid them even as we seek to speak to others about him.  Remember, we use words of truth and reason after all!

In addition to all the fallacies, what gets my goat is being presented with false choices.  But they can seem ever present among Christians.  Ever been told that you have to choose between understanding God with your head and experiencing Him with your heart?  Last time I checked, that wasn’t an option left open to us.  What about having to choose between pre-appointed times of worship and Spirit-filled spontaneity?  Don’t make that choice; it’s a sucker’s game.

Here’s a few more false choices to avoid:

-innovation in worship or tradition

-Absolute knowledge of God or knowing nothing but mystery.  (I had a little to say about that)

-Respect for a person or disapproval of their choices.

-Truth or Love

P.S.A. or Christus Victor  (these are technical theological terms about the atonement, study up!)

-God’s unknown purposes or His promise to heal the sick

-Evangelizing the lost or caring for the less fortunate

-Faith or Reason (this false choice makes me foam at the mouth)

-Listening for God’s direction or using your own God-given wisdom

-God’s sovereign will or human responsibility

-Word or Spirit.  (Good grief!  For real?)

One of the most useful tools given to us is the little word ‘and’.  ‘And’ is a powerful remedy when confronted with a ridiculous ‘Or’.  False choices ought to be avoided for thoughtful Christians.  Don’t agree?   Maybe a God who is both Three and One and a Lord who is both God and Man really isn’t for you.


7 thoughts on “A Pox on False Choices!

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  4. I heard someone preach on a false choice earlier this year: Salvation is had, not in the believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, but in the receiving of the Holy Spirit.
    Hmmmmm. I’d say that in making/presenting a false choice, false teaching is born/perpetuated.

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