Where Does Grace Begin?

Where does the grace of God begin?  What is its start or origin?  Does it begin when God saves us?  Did it begin when God took on human flesh and incarnated himself into this world?  Did it begin in the creation of the world?

No.  The grace of God precedes all created things.

First, read Ephesians 1.  It is Paul’s great hymn to the electing God.

…before the foundation of the world…

…in love He predestined…

…set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time…

Next, listen to Athanasius on Christ existing from before the world was:



How at all, before men were created, did He predestinate us into adoption, but that the Son Himself was “founded before the world”, taking on Him that economy which was for our sake?  Or how, as the Apostle goes on to say, have we “an inheritance being predestinated”, but that the Lord Himself was founded “before the world”, inasmuch as He had a purpose, for our sakes, to take on Him through the flesh all that inheritance of judgment which lay against us, and we henceforth were made sons in Him?  And how did we receive it “before the world was”, when we were not yet made in being, but afterwards in time, but that in Christ was stored the grace which has reached us?  Discourses 2.76

The grace of God precedes all created things because Christ does.  Grace comes through Him, and He has no beginning.  God’s grace is then before all things.  Praise be to God!


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