You’re a body for a reason!

bodiesChristianity is a physical faith.  We are created and exist as physical beings.  Our God took on human flesh.  His real, touchable body was broken on the tree…for us.  That was real blood that poured out.  He rose from the dead physically, and so will we.  The age-old opposite of the physicality of Christianity is Gnosticism.  Learn what it is.  It is the most enduring and versatile heresy there is.  Gnosticism has always been around, taking different forms, but always threatening to undermine the physical nature of reality.

How does it surface in our world today?  In several ways (think online ‘church’) but most commonly in our culture’s understanding of sexuality.  Sexuality is no longer rooted in our bodies, but in our ‘hearts’.  Andy Crouch has written a great column which plainly, compassionately lays out the task ahead of the Christian Church today:  To affirm that bodies matter, that matter matters.

Sex Without Bodies – Andy Crouch, Christianity Today


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