Come To Sex Hole? Let’s not trick anybody and just be a Church, okay?

Watch this brief stand-up comedy by Maria Bamford.  It’s less than two minutes long and despite the title is not dirty.  What she’s making fun of, I will comment on below.

Okay, so that was pretty funny, right?   Not hard to see what she was poking fun at.  Bamford is quite possibly not a Christian and so her critique is especially helpful.  What’s she poking fun at?

Churches who are pretending not to be churches so that people will come inside and get involved.  The old Bait-and-Switch.  Now don’t get me wrong.  As Christian churches we probably all need to be doing better at reaching out to our communities.  Caring for the shared needs and addressing the shared concerns is a good thing.  It certainly isn’t bad to invite people in.  But how do you answer this question:  What does the world really need from the Church?

Maybe, just maybe, what’s needed is for the Church to be unashamedly the Church.  Let’s not be ashamed of ‘what goes on in there’ and be up front from the beginning.


5 thoughts on “Come To Sex Hole? Let’s not trick anybody and just be a Church, okay?

  1. Too funny. I love the critique. I think that this isn’t even something for those organizing things in the church to be mindful of…but maybe even more so those of us who are inviting people to our churches. Maybe your church is unashamed of being The Church, but with you non-christian friend sitting beside you, are there elements of the gospel that you hope the pastor won’t speak on? As Christians we need to be just as intentional about being christians as the church needs to be the church.

    Thanks for the laugh and the thoughts Steve!

  2. I tell people that we are mostly out of date, sometimes unfreindly, and always less interesting then cable TV. But we worship Jesus, If you love Jesus everything else is worth it, if you don’t, don’t bother.

  3. Hey Steve, thanks for this. I always think of the words I once read from Eugene Peterson, that it is so easy for us to get involved in the struggle between what people want, and what they really need. I do think what they need is for us to be the church as you say, and their greatest need is the gospel and the news that Christ has come to forgive us!! Thanks for the laughs and the thoughts to ponder as I minister today!!

    • Hey Al, Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. How is the Kingdom of God south of the river?

      When I ponder how ‘attractional’ we ought to be, I often go back to my own conversion experience. The Church wasn’t trying to be anything but the Church and that actually worked for me. I probably would have been too cynical for more attractional approahces.

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