Only God Can Judge Me?

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”  

Jesus said that and let’s assume He meant it.  But anyone with an ear to the ground of popular culture has probably come across the great misunderstanding we can have about this truth.  Maybe it’s due to how many times we hear on Maury Povich/Jerry Springer reruns “y’all can’t judge me!  Y’all don’t know me!”  *yeah, yeah, I know Springer isn’t good TV for a pastor to watch.  But it was always on in the mess when I was in the Navy.  True story.  Honest*  Or maybe it’s this guy’s fault.

At any rate, what it means to not judge the Jesus way has been greatly misunderstood.  That’s why it’s refreshing to hear from Trip Lee, famous Christian rapper and all around decent guy.  It would do you good to check out what he says:

Only God Can Judge Me?  

If you don’t have 5 minutes to spare, here’s a run down:

1)  Jesus doesn’t mean that we’re not to make moral judgments.  We all do so and must do so.

2)  Jesus is condemning self-righteous, hypocritical judgments.

3)  It is unloving (in the extreme I would add) to notice something harmful in another’s life and ignore it.

Not judging others in the way Jesus meant is so important.  It is what makes disciples smell good to those out in the world.  But being clear on what Jesus means on not judging is important.  We need to obey Jesus in the Jesus-way not in the Povich/Springer-way



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