From Around The Interweb

Here’s some links from around the cyber world that were interesting, wonderful, or otherwise noteworthy:

Nigerian Sailor Rescued After 3 Days Under the Sea.  A great story about a nearly unbelievable survival and rescue.  This almost reads like a real-life parable (an oxymoron???) and so should not be missed.

Popular Science Disproves Virgin Birth with #SCIENCE!!!  Christmas time means there will be articles out there which to undercut Christian claims about the miraculous in history.  Count on it every year.  Derek Rishmawy takes Popular Science to task for it here.  “Virgin Births are scientifically impossible!”  The Christian answer?  “Yeah, we know.  That’s why we make a big deal about it!”

Making Advent Real – Zachary Perkins, RELEVANT.  A  great reflection on time-travelling, feeling the rhythm, and turning down the noise.

Discrimination Against Christians?  Gregor Puppinck.  First Things.

Why being a Christian could be the most dangerous identity to hold in the world today.  Charles Lewis.  National Post

This Is What An Abortion Looks Like When It Doesn’t Work.  A wonderful video!



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