From Around The Interweb

Here’s some links from around the cyber world that were interesting, wonderful, or otherwise noteworthy:

In Praise of “Xmas” – Matthew Schmitz, First Things

Keep the Nomina Sacra in Xmas – Mike Bird

Eric Metaxas:  My Top 5 Books For Non-Believers  Christianity Today

Thoughts on BIblical Inerrancy.  Gavin Ortlund

How to Get People to Read the Bible Without Making Them Feel Dumb.  Trevin Wax.  I’m always trying to get folk to read more of the Good Book.  This was helpful.

Singled Out:  How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults.  Christena Cleveland.  This article is not perfect but was forwarded to me by an unmarried person.  Dialogues and learning need to happen along these lines.

7 Ways Social Media Makes Pastoring More Difficult.  Mike Leake


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