From Around the Interweb

The next time you feel tempted to think or say something like “I love Jesus but don’t like Church…”  take Scot McKnight’s advice and read Bonhoeffer.  This Guy Needs To Read Bonhoeffer Again.

Derek Rishmawy takes a trip to a modern art gallery and behold!  God is already there.  Finding God in the Gallery (Or, Some Notes On A Visit To LACMA)

Laura Turner wisely (and kindly) points out the folly of experimentally ‘trying on atheism.  The Problem With Trying On Atheism.

What is it like to be a Christian around the world?   Aiming for ‘Effective Anger’:  The Top 50 Countries Where It Is Hardest To Be A Christian.  Christianity Today

Belgium Considers Euthanasia For Minors.  Catholic News Agency.  If this doesn’t spur you to pray for our world, I don’t know what will.


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