On Spiritual Gifts

Wimber“God is at work in the Church, manifesting Himself through gifts of the Spirit. The purpose of spiritual gifts is the common good of the Church (1 Cor 12:7). The gifts have nothing to do with personal ambition or career orientation. They are not given to build individual reputations, to warrant superior positions in the local Church, or to demonstrate spiritual advancement. They are not trophies, but tools. These tools are for touching and blessing others…

Gifts are not permanent possessions. They are not common talents or personality traits. Those are also blessings from God, but they are not spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are supernatural manifestations of the Spirit of God, given momentarily so that God’s love, charity, kindness, and grace may be shed abroad among his people.” John Wimber, The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth.

Clowney“The possession of gifts for service in Christ’s Church constitutes a call for their use. We are not to wrap our gifts in a napkin and bury them (Lk 19:20). Stewards (servant managers) must be trustworthy. We must use our gifts in order to serve God, not in order to advance ourselves, attract the admiration of others, or even find satisfaction and fulfillment. We cannot demand that the Lord provide precisely the socket into which our gifts may best be plugged. Our first goal is to get the job done, and only secondarily to find the best use of our gifts.” Edmund Clowney, The Church.


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