Why are Christians so worked up about homosexuality?

Have you ever had someone accuse traditional Christianity of being obsessed with homosexual sins?  Why aren’t they shouting from the rooftops about poverty?  Why aren’t they condemning other sins?  Why do they seem so fixated on a certain type of social and sexual behaviour?  Why do they make such a big deal about it?

Well, it is not traditional Christians who are the ones bringing the spotlight there.  Our culture has done an almost complete reversal on this moral issue.  Where once it was almost universally frowned upon, same-sex activity and the identity which flows from it is seen as a new civil rights issue.  In popular media, not only the condemnation of it but also the refusal to celebrate it is condemned.  The issue does not spring from Christians.

Why don’t Christians get all up in arms about poverty?  Well, the reason there isn’t much ink spilled over  poverty is because is isn’t a controversy.  Poverty = bad is a pretty well-established idea.  And where are traditional Christians on this issue?  Where they’ve always been.  Serving, giving, sacrificing, helping – always could and should be doing better – in quiet ways away from the spotlight.  Just like Jesus taught us.

Why are Christians making such a big deal about same-sex stuff?  We are because we’re just responding.  You get a Christian leader on a major talk show, they’ll be asked about it.  They don’t have to bring it up.  That is the same in our culture.  We didn’t bring it up.  The issue came to us.  We’re just responding to it.  Have we done a good job all the time?  Certainly not.  Christians have often been disgusted when they should have been compassionate.  But now a days Christians are often being quisling when they should be clear.  But the fact remains, in our culture hasn’t been brought up by traditional Christianity.

It bears repeating, the reason Christians are talking about homosexuality is because everyone else is talking about homosexuality. Strange coincidence that evangelicals did not become “obsessed” with homosexuality until about 40-50 years ago when the culture became obsessed with sexual freedom. If the Supreme Court finds a constitutional right to jab people in the kidneys with poison-tipped spears, we’ll get worked up about that too.*  Kevin Deyoung

These kinds of questions like are basically rhetorical shaming devices and smart people shouldn’t fall for them.  What this world needs is for the Church to be the Church – different, prophetically challenging, and counter-cultural.  We must do this all even at the risk of being misunderstood.  Because we will be misunderstood.  But I know Someone else who was too…

*  from But What About Gluttony!?! by Kevin Deyoung


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