Some Thought On Theological Agreement/Disagreement

Andrew Wilson, theologian and elder at King’s Church (good name by the way) in Eastbourne, England, has some interesting thoughts on who we tend to disagree with theologically and why.  You can read the whole thing at his blog, Think Theology.

Wilson's got a nice smile.  We can all agree on that!

Wilson’s got a nice smile. We can all agree on that!


I can’t think of anyone on earth who agrees with me on every single theological issue. My wife doesn’t. My team of elders don’t. There may be some people in my church, or online, who think they do – although I doubt it – but that’s only because they don’t know what I believe about pacifism or evolution or Revelation 20 or Hebrews 6 or Mark 13. In other words, I disagree with everyone about something.

Yet those disagreements are not equally weighted. There are many people for whom my theological quibbles make no difference at all to our relationship, our partnership in the gospel, or our unity. There are others for whom they make a massive difference.


When I see someone as on the same “team” as me on the doctrine of scripture, I give them the benefit of the doubt on all sorts of areas in which we might disagree, and seek to assure others that they are one of the good guys. When I read someone as being on the other “team”, I react with suspicion to new things they say, get nervous when I hear new believers are getting into their theology, and pick up their books with a critical, rather than a receptive, attitude. 


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