The Greatest Weapon Against Evil? Being a Saint


My wife met him in person once and he is as kind as he looks.

My wife met him in person once and he is as kind as he looks.

What can be done in the face of incredible evil – both spiritual and social?  What can we do when it seems the world is turning away from God and we must resist it?  We must fight – not with weapons – but in the Spirit.  What is our greatest weapon?  Being a Saint.

The strongest weapon in the world is sanctity.  Nothing can defeat it.

It may sound strange to some people to speak of sanctity in connection with warfare, even spiritual warfare.  Many “religious people” like to think about sanctity because they think it is just the opposite of war.  They think it is not only peaceful but “nice”:  comforting, upbeat, happifying…

They are wrong…

Saints love true peace.  The also hate false peace, peace based on lies.  Saints hate violence and intolerance against sinners.  But they also hate tolerance of sin.  Saints love sinners more, and sins less, than anyone else does.  Both of these eccentricities puzzle people and often offend them….

The deepest reason why the Church is weak and the world is dying is that there are not enough saints.  No, that’s not quite honest.  The reason is that we are not saints.

Can you imagine what ten more Mother Teresas wold do for this world?  Or ten more John Wesleys?  No, you can’t imagine it, any more than anyone can imagine how twelve nice Jewish boys could conquer the Roman Empire.  You can’t imagine it.  But you can do it.  You can become a saint.

Peter Kreeft, How To Win The Culture War, pages 100-102 (abridged)


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