An Evangelist’s Prayer

After an extended blog break and online detox, here is an offering that hopefully will set a more prayerful tone.  From Augustine to Baxter, from Paul to King David, and even right back to Jesus Himself there is a long practice of writing prayers to be prayed again and again.  This is an offering for those who want God’s grace in order to speak to others.

There is surely an office of Evangelist in the Church.  Not all are evangelists in this precise sense.  But all Christians are called to speak well of Him who saved them and seek to share that Good News with others.  Anyone who finds that desire can take this prayer (or similar) to themselves:


God My Father,

Help me to love all people, who are made in your image,

help me to respect their beliefs and what is true in those beliefs,

let me ask questions first and truly listen for the answers,

let them feel the love of God through the way I love them,

help me to not hide my faults even as my life may be different from theirs.

Help me to love the Good News of Jesus and His Cross and Resurrection,

let me not be embarrassed of Him, or of the Cross, or of the Truth that everyone needs salvation,

let me never be ashamed of the truth that Jesus is the only way to the Father,

and the only name by which men can be saved,

let me never shut my mouth when I need to speak it.

Help me to love You, above all other thing,

above the opinions of others, or success in this world,

remind me how much you love me and of what you have done for me.

We always speak about those whom we love – we can’t seem to stop,

Let it be that way for me.






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