A God Too Big to Hold

There’s a fallacy afoot that says ‘if I can’t understand it, than it can not be true’.  Many objections and much questioning of the Christian faith find their basis here.  Even those who are Christian sometimes make their own ability to grasp something the measure of it’s value or truthfulness.

How can God be both One and Three?

How can Jesus be both God and Man (not half and half)?

How can a good God allow, permit, ordain suffering and evil?

How can what Adam did way back when have consequences for human nature now?

These are all valid questions but the truth of the answers to them is not dependant on whether we can grasp the immensity.  (They’re also not dependant on whether we like the answers)  But we’re not called first to exhaustively understand but to believe and confess. The truth is that God is too big to hold.  We need lots of words and thought to try and understand but even in our best and most faithful efforts we must find Him as He is.  And the true God is too immense for our knowledge.  This should free us from the “if I can’t get it, it can’t be true” position.  Or using Cornelius Van Til’s analogy “if my net can’t catch it, it must not be fish.”  The truth is that some fish are far too big for our nets.  What we can know of God is immense and so we must be confident to speak of Him in clear ways.  But even then the nets are bursting. fish in net


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