What is for Christians? (Jude in July)

JUDE in JULYWhat is for Christians?  When we are Christian what do we receive?  What is for us?  Another 3 part answer comes to us from Jude’s intro.  May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you. (v 2)  That right there, is a blessing.  We’re blessed with these three things.

Mercy.  The mercy of God coming to us.  We are not treated as we ought to be because of our sins.  God could justly treat us in a certain way but he treats us in the opposite.  That’s mercy.  Peace. Peace in the Bible usually doesn’t mean a kind of ‘inner peace’ that we may long for (although that may be a great thing).  It usually means peace between two or more parties.  God has made peace with us and bridged the animosity we’ve had towards Him.  Love.  The greatest of things is love.  Love is not mere feeling but neither is it dispassionate posture.  It is complete self-giving towards another.  God has given us love in Christ.

Christians are blessed with Mercy, Peace, and Love.  This is what is for Christians.   But we’re not merely to receive these things but to give them out as well.  As we’ve received so we must give mercy, peace, and love to others.  What is for us must also be what we are for.


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