Your faith isn’t just yours (Jude in July)

JUDE in JULYWe so often think that our relationship with God – our faith – is ours.  Now, surely it is ours in a certain way.  Faith in God through Christ is personal and can be a treasured possession but it is not just ours.  We share it.

The Apostle Jude lets us in on this truth at the beginning of his short letter.  Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation… (v3)  Jude goes on to write about other matters but not before calling a relationship with Jesus part of a common salvation.

That means that while it is ours, it is not just ours.  When we receive Christ and enter into relationship with God we are entering something much larger than ourselves.  We are becoming part of God’s People – a family which stretches across centuries and has spread to almost every corner of the globe.

This humbles us to be part of something so much larger than just ourselves.  And we need this kind of humility in such an individualized, all-about-me age.


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