Some Baptismal Thoughts – on the eve of A.’s plunge

Baptism Water

Tomorrow we head to the water again.  Where one young fellow will go into that water.  Certain words will be said, he’ll be dunked, everybody will cheer, then we’ll have a picnic lunch.  If visitors from another world were visiting they may think it strange.  But what will really be happening?  What will it mean?  And who is this baptism for?

Here are some brief reflections on the eve of A.’s baptism.  On what this event is about.

About You.  It is about you, the baptized.  It’s about your faith which has grown (and will keep growing) into desire to follow the Lord.  Like an Ethiopian form a long time ago, you’re asking for it.  It’s your statement to the world, the Church, yourself, and to God, that you’re really in it.  That you love Him.  That you’ve believed the Gospel.  And that you reject the other alternatives for to find meaning in life.  It is about your personal faith, commitment, and journey.

About Us.  You’ll not be alone in the water.  Other people will be there with you.  Maybe only one person will speak the words and put you under, but it will be a whole community baptizing you.  You’ve already been one of us, but now you’re joining us.  Your faith isn’t just about you; it’s about a Faith that is much bigger than you.  We can only be baptized once, but we’ll all be watching you.  And we’ll be re-living our baptisms as we watch.  Christian faith is a communal affair, and not just the community that you can meet with.  This community spreads all over the world and is full of dead people from centuries past.  It is about the collective faith of us all.

About Him.  You’ll not be baptized into your own name but into the Name of God.  You’ll be identifying with His death and resurrection.  You’ll bear His name (Christian = little Christ).  And you’ll be promising to follow your whole life.  It will come with cost.  But if you remember that it is about Him, you’ll want to bear it.  Because He is worth the cost.  It is about a faith in Him.