What many Christians feel, and are concerned about, in light of same sex marriage issues

As a pastor, my first obligation is to care for the people that are under my care in the local church.  Everyone knows that the winds have changed and that societal views have changed in regards to marriage, sexuality, gender, and so on.  There can be a lot of commentary about this but what most average Christians feel, from my observations, is something like this:

They really love their friends, co-workers, family members and neighbours.  Whether they’re gay or straight, atheist or Muslim, living together before marriage or trying to adhere (like them) to a Christian sexual ethic.

They’re not especially put off by different life-styles, beliefs, or sexual orientations.  They want to respect differences and have good relationships with the people they live and work with.

They may be confused about how their Christian faith relates to the shift in our culture’s understanding about sex and marriage.  But they do still want to be faithful to God and what their Faith teaches them about such things.

They don’t want to judge anyone but they are concerned and are feeling pressure from the world around.  Messages coming to them from the culture and the media are labelling them ‘bigot’ or ‘intolerant’.  Many are concerned about what traditional/Biblical beliefs about marriage will mean for their careers and some of their relationships.

They don’t hate anyone.

But they don’t believe that same-sex marriage or homosexual activity is what God’s has in mind for his human creation.

They really love their gay friends and neighbours.

But they don’t know what is in store for the future.

They’d really prefer this wasn’t the issue that is pressing today.


This video is made by Roman Catholics but I think the sentiments would be the same for almost every Christian I personally know.




Russell Moore’s Address at the Vatican – Humanum 2014

Pope Francis invited religious leaders from around the world to address issues of sexuality, marriage, family, and our changing culture(s).

Here is what Southern Baptist Dr Russell Moore said as representative of Evangelical Protestants.

Male & Female Complementarity – a vital issue and a superb video

Man.  Woman.  Maleness.  Femaleness.  Marriage.  Family.  Gender.  Difference.

Anyone with ears open knows that these are important issues in today’s world.  And also that our culture is attempting to radically alter the fabric of these things.

Presently, there is an international colloquium taking place at the Vatican – Humanum.  It is concerning issues of gender, marriage, sexuality, and family.  It is a collaboration between Catholics, Evangelicals, and others to recommit to the basic foundation of our common humanity.

This is the first of a series of videos produced to help articulate the philosophical and theological basis for male/female complementarity.  This first one is superb.  And a Must-Watch.

May this project be blessed and glorify the One who created by dividing (Genesis 1)


re:  On Marriage and Temple Desecration, C C Pecknold, First Things


Love Is Not A Feeling – and – Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas

Landing of Columbus, by John Vanderlyn. It was certainly a landing; it was hardly a 'discovery'.

Landing of Columbus, by John Vanderlyn.
It was certainly a landing; it was hardly a ‘discovery’.

Once in awhile, I see the culture around me getting something right.  Really right.  This is because there is some wisdom which is given to all people that can be discovered no matter what one believes.  It is a gift from God, but might not be acknowledged as such.
The Huffington Post’s Seth Adam Smith has written about love, commitment, and moving beyond feelings.  It’s good.  Highly Recommended.  It’s the type of thing that people who live in a culture saturated with self-seeking can read and feel compelled by.

Real Love Is A Choice – Seth Adam Smith, The Huffington Post


Now, not taking away anything from Mr Smith’s wisdom, I feel like I’ve heard this stuff before.  I don’t know what he believes but I like what I read.  If you like what you read and think it’s new than we need to be careful that we’re not like Columbus ‘discovering’ the Americas.  Many people have been living here for a long time.  There is an ideal of love that is not based on what we get but what we give.  And there is an ideal of marriage which is about giving oneself to another and not seeking our own fulfillment.


It’s almost as though we could use an ancient moral tradition which has been teaching this all along…

Gay Marriage? N T Wright Takes Us To School

When Tom Wright is asked about the challenges that the Church faces in light of legalized gay marriage his response is brilliant.  This is 5 minutes of your life that will NOT be wasted.

Notice his main couple points:

1)  You can’t just go around changing the meaning of words and things.  Just because some say something is so, don’t make it so.

2)  Christian and Biblical opposition to same-sex practice and marriage is not – and has never been – about 5 or 6 pesky verses.  It is coming out of the Grand Narrative, so to speak.  That means you can’t shrug this contemporary issue off and expect to keep the Christian faith coherently together.


Ol’ Brother Tom isn’t right (*ha!  a pun!) about everything I don’t think.  He’s admirably right about tons of stuff, though.  And he is super-duper right about this.